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Hep Jen swing dance san francisco

Friday Lindy Hop Classes
with Hep Jen & Ken Watanabe
at the UCSF Millberry Fitness Center in San Francisco

**Hep Jen and Ken completed teaching their final class session at UCSF in June 2011. Thank you to the hundreds of students who have taken Lindy Hop classes on Fridays at UCSF over the last 6-1/2 years.

Jen and Ken continue to teach together every Sunday at Lindy in the Park. And Jen continues to teach Lindy Hop Classes on Tuesdays at the Verdi Club, both Beginning and Intermediate levels, with a new class series starting the first Tuesday of every month.

Jen and Ken each are available for private lessons as well.

About The Instructors:

Hep Jen and Ken Watanabe have a combined 25 years of experience teaching Lindy Hop. Hep Jen started teaching Lindy Hop in Seattle in 1997, and has taught regularly in San Francisco at Lindy in the Park, the Verdi Club, the Page Street Studio, the Rent Party, and UCSF. Ken has been a regular instructor at the Doghouse, the Allegro Ballroom, the Page Street Studio, the Metronome Ballroom, and Lindy in the Park. Ken is the head organizer of Lindy in the Park, which he co-founded in 1996. Jen and Ken started teaching together in 2004, when Jen moved to San Francisco. They also teach together on Sundays at Lindy in the Park.

Need a little extra help with your Lindy Hop? Consider private lessons!
Dates & times are flexible, rates are reasonable, and discount packages are available.
Contact Hep Jen to schedule.